New Gear: Love it and earn it!

I already make it to the climbing wall three to four times a week, and then the weight room twice a week. After a while even I will start to lose a little enthusiasm. Then, a new pair of climbing shoes comes in the mail one morning, and let’s just say…things get turned up a few notches.


I spend/splurge more on athletic gear and workout clothes than I spend on what might be considered “normal” attire. Do I do this all the time? Here’s a hint: my income is peanuts. Do I love it when I can? Absolutely. I’m not saying you should go out and empty your wallet dry for name brand athletic gear (most of mine isn’t #freeclimbingcomptshirts #usaclimbing), but there’s no denying that a new bright, attention-grabbing tank top, spandex, pair of running or climbing shoes, etc. puts a little extra hop into your plyometrics, a little extra oomph into your bouldering session, or a few seconds off your average split time. This is where I remind myself of one thing however: Alright. Now you have to EARN IT.


I don’t have to tell myself twice. At this point in my life, those few-and-far-between splurges need to be backed up with not-so-few-and-far-between sessions, whether it’s on the road, in the weight room, or on the rocks (the literal ones). And those sessions lead to the intersections of Sweat and Sore Rd. and Foam Rolling Blvd.


Sometimes we need that little superficial article of motivation to up our intensity during a workout, or just to get ourselves to the gym. Half of reaching a goal is giving yourself the confidence to do it and then maintaining that confidence along the way. Take it from someone who is part of the climbing community. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl. Prana can be spotted (and then praised) from the other side of the gym or from the top of the crag, as can a new pair of climbing shoes (I have a pair of Five Ten Anasazis that I have to (said with a smile) replace on a yearly  basis, and they are a very vibrant color of teal). Again, don’t go turning your wallet upside down to replace your entire gym wardrobe; find a pair of those spandex capris you’ve been eyeing in your favorite color, make sure they fit and are breathable, and like yourself just a little more (without going broke) before even stepping foot into the gym 🙂


By the way, just got these in the mail today 🙂 Bit of difference between the most recent pair, but at least they got a lot of love. Breaking the new ones in tonight!



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