Morning Thoughts

I pulled myself out of bed about at hour ago, around 5:45 (actually a little late today). I’m almost done with my first cup of coffee, and am debating on second today. I don’t have an exam today, or tomorrow, or even Friday. My first exam isn’t for three weeks. However, as I take my short breaks here and there, I wonder what driving purpose makes me see the minutes before 6:00 twice in a day most days. Is it knowing that I retain information better when it’s the first thing I see each day? Possibly, it’s also the thought of not having to cram like a maniac the night before my exam (first one is anatomy, yay?). Maybe it’s knowing that once the clock strikes 11:00 p.m. I am pretty much no good as far as studying goes, and am off to bed, no arguments. I just am physically incapable of pushing myself to all hours for studying #dontfeelsoyounganymore. Probably it’s all of these, but also, I need time during the middle of the day for myself, i.e. climbing and/or working out. For Thanksgiving I am taking a trip with MissClimbingAdventures ( and friends to Hueco Tanks for an awesome week of bouldering and time in the outdoors.

2013-11-28 12.14.30

Throwback to last Tanksgiving when Team Sarah brought matching Marmot jackets #sarahsftw


Not to mention a possible quick weekend trip to the lovely (and unfornutately for my nasal passages, juniper-filled) land of Jasper, Arkansas; and then, interspersed between these two events is the three-part comp series at Summit #somuchbouldering #nevertoomuch. In thinking about this as I get up at the crack of dawn, knowing there are others who are still relishing in bed for another two hours, I’ve realized my underlying, but hardly outwardly mentioned, motivation. I’ve given myself something to look forward to. It really goes back to my last post about making time for what you love. Making sacrifices and rearranging your daily schedule to accommodate what makes you happy also comes with that.


“Find a way, not an excuse.”


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