30% of semester complete

In the midst of preparing ourselves for, or coming away from, certain moments in our lives, we often find ourselves asking, “What in the world am I doing?” or thinking, “I am completely out of my mind and in over my head,” or for those with a less complex thought process, “Well, f***.” Perhaps it was the fact that last week I had three tests and an essay all due in two days, but that essentially sums up what I was thinking for a solid 24 hours after my first anatomy exam. I studied and studied until the sharks stopped swimming, and still walked out of the exam with a huge feeling of dread…and I still had kinesiology and chemistry the next day.


Unlike my professor said, the exam grades were not posted the next day, nor the day after, nor the day after that. Eventually, six days later, after what was an agonizing wait, I casually asked my lab partner if the grades were posted and when she said yes, the tremble of my legs could probably have registered on the Richter scale. It turned out I did fine, better than fine actually. I ended up kicking anatomy and kinesiology butt. Chemistry is another story, but I get to pretend that first exam didn’t happen anyway (the only good thing about a class having 5 semester exams is that only 4 are recorded). It was a very reassuring moment to know that I’m still headed in a good direction.

2014-09-17 20.47.30

My current relationship status…

After my unknown success (mostly) in the classroom was achieved, I got sick with a stress-induced cold. That was no fun, because I sort of just get mad when I’m sick because I can’t do anything out of respect for not wanting to get others sick and because I want to get over it as soon as possible. The only reason I left my apartment on the day I stayed home was for my physical therapy appointment (more on that to come), and I guess my fever hadn’t broken yet, because it broke at PT (eight minutes at a warm up intensity on an elliptical is not a reason for me to be dripping sweat).


I was also able to spare a few hours the Friday before test week to relax and go enjoy the first bouldering comp of the Summit Series at the Dallas location. There are so many reasons to climb in these comps, and no reason not to if you like to boulder and are in the area. Great setters, competitive climbers, free food, free beer, and so many new awesome problems to get on!


Doing work.

Training continues, and so does studying. I’ve had to take the training intensity down a few notches unfortunately due to unforseen worsening back issues. I’ll expand more on that in a later post, as the way I’ll want to discuss it is more in-depth #physicaltherapistinthemaking as part of a full blog post that is different from the way I normally write, dedicated solely to injuries and how different athletes cope with them. But for now I just have to be cautious, as I essentially have to retrain some deeper underlying muscles, and be thankful for the fact that I can still do some climbing.


All in all the semester has gone well so far, and I’m happy where I am. There has definitely been a lot of uncertainty going into it, but making it to the top of a mountain doesn’t happen when you just stare at it. Plus it’s been a blast living in Dallas so far! My dad came and visited a few weekends ago, and I got to play Dallas tour guide. We went to the Perot, and I think he forgets his age sometimes, which I am totally okay with.



Really looking forward to the posts to come!

Always at the grind,




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