Days 11-15

Day 11: You aren’t trying to impress people – I’ve met a lot of people who won’t do their rehab workouts in the weight room simply because they don’t want to look like they can only do “easy” stuff. Here’s the reality. Nobody is looking. It’s the same thing at the gym. I’ve watched people (and I’ve been one of those people) not climb on something until they think no one is watching. And if they are watching, I can guarantee that it isn’t to watch you flail (if that’s turning out to be a big part of that day’s session). In case you haven’t noticed, no-fall sessions aren’t a thing, unless you’re limited to climbing flash-level and below then down-climbing each climb. In the weight room, you are there for you, and no one else. You are there to  keep yourself in shape, to strengthen what needs strengthening, and to let yourself properly recover. So you aren’t benching your max, or you aren’t leg pressing with 500 pounds. It’s just you and your favorite sweat music. Nobody else matters for that 60 minutes.

Day 12: Realize what else can make you smile – It helps to be somewhat versatile in this respect. If there’s only one thing in the world you love that can make you smile, and there comes a point in time when that isn’t there, then call yourself SOL for a while (sorry for that rhyme). I’ve had the privilege of getting to help coach Summit Climbing Gym’s Kids club this month while the head coach is away. I forget how uplifting it is to coax a timid kid through a mental fear or block, and then see their face when they realized they’ve succeeded.

Day 13: Continue to challenge yourself – One of my girlfriend’s and I went on a 26 mile bike ride for Valentine’s day #singleladies. I won’t lie though…I did ever so slightly hate life the last two and a half miles.

White Rock Lake on a gorgeous day!

White Rock Lake on a gorgeous day!

Day 14: Take a rest from the recovery – If you’ve never been told this secret, here it is: rehab and recovery, done seriously, isn’t easy. It isn’t just from the rehab, but if you’re like me, you’ve been successful in re-allocating your energy burning time, and this is exhausting. Rehab is exhausting. Getting poked with a minimum of four needles in my glutes twice a week leaves me sore each time. Then pile on strength workouts four times a week for my legs. I’m tired. I’m okay with a day off every so often, and a hot rice pack.

Day 15: Make sure your playlist for kicking ass updated – This should include at least two to three songs that, if someone interrupts you while they are playing during your workout, they will get the worst death stare they’ve ever seen. My two favorite songs on my “Sweat” playlist that fit this category are “Set Yourself Free” by Tiesto and “Chandelier” by Sia. Whatever these songs are for you, you know how intensely they get your blood pumping, and they bring a for sure won’t-quit-no-matter-what-attitude for a solid eight minutes.



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