Days 21-30

I’ve combined the last 10 days into one post. I encountered a slight lull in what to post for individual days, and decided that rather than put a hastily written post for days 21-25, it would serve better to put the final ten days into a single post.

For me, days 21-25 were pretty laid back. I gave my legs a little break from the high volume of work I was putting them through in the weight room and focused a little more on some shoulder movements and stability training. I used moves I had learned at Summit’s abs class and put some enhancements to them. During this time I also a) graduated from my physical therapy appointments #deductablesareabitch b) watched a foam rolling video I did for a friend get picked up by both Training Beta (an awesome and hot blog site for climbers looking for specific training tips and techniques) and the super amazing climber Paige Classen!! Also, Dallas experienced a mini ice-pocalypse that had the entire metroplex in a frenzy. UTD’s campus closed for two days, was delayed one day, and then on Friday closed early as snow began to blanket the entire country for the next 6-7 hours. I went to class for a total of two hours last week, and was even bold enough to escape for a couple of days to go hang out at Baylor for the annual climbing competition, where I got to hang out with these awesome ladies of adventure!!IMG_6435


For days 26-29, you finally realize how far you’ve made it in your recovery. If you’re like me, the second you realize how close you are to freedom, it’s like someone wafting a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at you, and all you get to do is smell them. That being said, don’t jump the gun. Think of this as though you’re prescribed a certain amount of antibiotics. You have to take them all. You can’t quit once you think you start to feel better, or you’ll put yourself at risk for further injury. Remember a few posts ago when I said that days 6-10 would probably be hard? The last five days are equally hard, but only because there’s a gargantuan sense of anticipation and excitement.

And now for day 30. Well, I’m hopefully a full 1/3 of the way to being able to get on a boulder problem again. If you’ve taken a 30 day sabbatical for another reason, congrats on making it through, and I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. If I look back, perhaps going straight to sport climbing without taking a break from climbing might have been okay. There were two specific things that steered me to the decision I made. First, in my follow-up from the spinal taps with Dr. O’brien, he said that as far as the fracture was concerned things looked a lot better, but when my PT had me do the back extension test, she thought there might be some issues there after my reaction. She thought it would be in my best interest to treat is as such, and after a lot of thought I decided it wasnt’t worth the risk. Second, I know myself, and bouldering being like food, I take it if it’s in front of me. Basically, I didn’t want the temptation to boulder hard if the option to sport climb wasn’t always available. Maybe it seems paranoid, maybe it sounds over-cautious. I’d just rather no climbing be a short-term than long-term problem. I’ll also have this fun little lumbar wedge tool to use for my spinal alignment correction as part of the [indfinite] home program.

Lumbar wedge

Lumbar wedge


Thanks to those who have followed this series! Keep an eye out for a new series coming soon, all about injury prevention! Between now and then however, I’ll be working on a separate piece for the cause based crew, lifestyle brand and affiliation And She’s Dope Too. In respose to a post I made on Instagram in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness week, they asked me to write a post about issues with eating disorders in women. I am so honored that I get to do this, so stay tuned for when I post the link for the finished product!


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