Peace at the Summit

I’m sitting on top of a small mountain in the cozy city of Golden, CO. Well, I guess it doesn’t seem so small to me, considering I come from the elevation-less land of Texas. I’ve been sitting up here for a good hour now. I’ve seen about four others summit, take a quick look around, then begin their descent. I can’t seem to bring myself to leave yet. For me, for someone who isn’t surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains, this is is a rare form of escape. For a short while, I’ve escaped the worries that await my return at the bottom of the trail, the problems that are eager to hop back on my shoulders. Here, I’m safe from all of that, so I try to prolong it as much as possible. There’s no noise, just me and the mountains off in the distance (and the sun that is probably baking my cheeks, #problemsoftheoutdoors #loveitnyway). Here, I don’t feel pain, I don’t feel hurt, or sorrow, or shame. My heart and mind are calm. It’s not that I’m ill-equipped to handle or face everything below me; it’s just nice to escape it, even for just a short while. 



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