Emotion = Energy

I’ve come to realize that emotions are just a form of energy. Therefore it stands to reason that because emotions = energy, and because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another, emotions take the same qualities. How they are transformed depends on their channel of travel. Some emotions take a slower route, and might go through several steps. Think of what Master Yoda says in Episode I: “Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate…leads to suffering.” In young Skylwalker’s case, his channelling of emotions was through abusing the power of the force. Maybe if he had a gym to work out in, or some other form of physical outlet to channel his anger, he would have seen things in a different light (yes, I know this is a huge stretch, but just work with me if you’re reading this). In all seriousness though, I’ve gone to the gym in just a stupor, and half way through my workout realized that I’ve entered a state of “you better get out of my way” directed rage. Thankfully, it’s more often that I’ll be pleasantly happy upon arrival, but leave fealing empowered, and I think, “This is me, I am awesome, and no one can take that away. Alright what can I conquer now?” (that conquest normally comes in the form of an awesome plate of food). One of my best friends is also my Zumba instructor. He is the only person in the world I will ever take Zumba (or any group class) from. I’ve tried other Zumba classes and instructors before, and I never leave feeling more empowered or confident in myself than I do when I’m done with his class. It’s a constant fast tempo, and it doesn’t matter that I’m in shape – I’m sweating buckets every Monday night when I leave that studio. I’m also in one of the happiest moods I find all week, and it’s on a Monday!! I channel my Monday blues to Zumba, and turn them into everything positive. Different channels produce different results, and different channels work for different people. I’ve just never seen anything bad come from fitness as a constant channel. If you’re afraid or fearful, take it in the opposite direction from anger. Let fear lead to action, then let action lead to progress, then progress to your goals.



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