Then We Did Transfers

Wheelchair to bed. Bed to wheelchair.

Dependent. Independent.

Min assist. Mod assist. Max assist.

Laying to short sit. Laying to long sit.

Floor to wheelchair as a hemiplegic

Hoyer lift, quad transfer, stand and pivot. Small, tall, broad, narrow, bariatrics.

These are a handful of words that describe the transfers we have learned over the last two weeks. Practicing transfers is a workout in of itself. And let’s face it: we all smelled like it at the end of the first day. Also, as many of us found out, the first day of attempted transfers leaves you so thankful that you are not working with actual patients…because it’s kind of a shit show. I’m talking getting shouldered in the jugular, followed by taking your own shoulder into another classmate’s chin, dropping your classmates, hyper-extending your “patient’s” knees, getting your hand stuck under their limbs, or only being able to get someone half-way up in an attempted laying-to-long sit (in my defense, the size ratio of “therapist” to “patient” was not ideal #quitlaughinggabby).  It was kind of like a mini-battle zone, only with the intention of helping the other side, not defeat, even though we were all basically dead by the end of the lab.

It was a great time learning though. We practiced on anyone we could get out hands on in class so we could expose ourself to all different kinds of body types. Everyone is good about giving feedback. Honestly the hardest part for a lot of us has been pretending to not have the ability to use our limbs, but during the dependent transfers it’s difficult to suppress the instinct to contract and support with your own muscles (except you Ari).

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We’re also in the middle of experiencing life in the day of a wheelchair. More to come on that later as more people complete their assigned days. For now, we are all just looking forward to the extra day off this weekend. I hope everyone has a good 4th!


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