Then We Were All Still Alive After the 1st Month

This weekend we were able to celebrate two things: America’s freedom, and the fact that we have all survived our first month of PT school! For those of you who are numbers people, only 35 months left 🙂 I think a lot of us are finally settling into a groove that works for each of us. For instance, none of the notes I take come without drawings. Also, I cashed in on my birthday/Christmas present early this year and got a skeleton with all the muscle and joint markings. I named him Robert.

I’m starting to realize the importance of two key survival strategies: sleep and Vitamin D. Thankfully, the tables in PT school are the same ones used in clinics, so they come with a napping-availability feature. Sometimes the second half of the lunch hour just calls for some shut-eye. Also, our classrooms have no windows, so I no longer take for granted the fact that 350 out of the 365 days of a Texas year are sunny. That being said, I’ve made three or four evenings a week dedicated to slipping on my Brooks PureGrits and taking to the trails. It’s hot, but it’s shaded, so it’s doable. The surest piece of advice I had one of my observation mentors tell me was to just find and establish your out as soon as you could. She was so right.

After looking at the (many) calendars, this 4th of July holiday is the last time this summer for any extended down time until the break in August (after which the fun really begins). There’s a quiz and/or test every week, one day having a quiz double-whammy.

One more thing that I’ll probably reiterate in future posts is how important the support of the people around you is. You need to allow yourself to be in the company of others outside of class so that you can laugh off the stress of the week, and NOT talk about anything we see or hear in the classroom.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!

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