Then We Could See the Light

For anyone who reads this regularly, I hope you’re okay with the change in blog names.

We have 10 days left (8 class days) until we can all officially say that we’ve survived our first semester of PT school. I’ve heard a lot of former students and current PT’s tell me “if you can survive the first semester you’re good.” That’s great, and I believe, you, but the whole summer we’ve been hearing horror stories about fall semester of our first year. From what it sounds like, I have to wonder if mental overload can be a cause of TBI. Stay tuned for a later report on those findings.

Getting up to speed, we got to experience other assistance devices, i.e. walker, quad cane, cane, crutches (see left pic). We practiced using them, teaching “patients” how to use them, and then practiced catching our “patients” when they fell #sorryforthrowingyouari.

Then, we learned the basics of passive range of  motion, or as we document, PROM (see right pic). It was just another way to diversity the class. There are those of us who are flexible, then some who gets butt cramps at 20º of hip abduction, and others who have almost non-existent ankle dorsiflexion/plantarflexion. I think what impressed me the most was seeing the immediate trust in everyone when it came to PROM at the neck (granted, I’m speaking for my lab group; I’m not sure how y’all act or what shenanigans y’all pull on Thursdays when the better half of the class isn’t in there #iloveyouall).

To conclude our first semester, we will be completing the following:

  • 2 pathology quizes
  • 1  anatomy skills practical
  • 1 comprehensive written patient care skills exam
  • 1 patient care skills practical
  • 1 written pathology final
  • 1 comprehensive written anatomy final

If you say prayers, send a few our way, just because. If you’re more of a words-of-encouragement or good-vibes kind of person, those are always appreciated as well. We love what we are aiming to achieve, and we will honestly tell anyone who’ll listen that there is no where we would rather be than here in this program, but shit y’all. Hahaha, I’m sorry, that’s the most concise way I can sum up the last two months. Here’s to finishing out semester strong everyone!!




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