Then Came the Fall

They weren’t lying when they said the first fall semester kinda slaps you in the face.

My silly brain does this thing where it associates a song with a certain recurring event. Our class is split into two different lab groups. Group A has Tuesday Therapeutic Interventions, Wednesday morning Exam Techniques, and Thursday Neuro. Group B Has Tuesday Neuro, Wednesday afternoon ET, and Thursday TI. I’m in group A; Monday-Thursday morning is a steady rise of information. Then at 1:00 every Thursday when Neuro starts, Nelly immediately goes off with “Here comes the BOOM” in my head.

Given the dumptruck-size load of information we receive each week, I’m enjoying the semester. In the first two weeks we’ve learned some soft tissue mobilization and manual energy techniques, cryotherapy (a.k.a. ice and stuff), compression therapy, strength testing for lower extremities, and flexibility testing…I think I covered all the manual stuff. I skipped over all the technical details. It’s been a bit of a blur. October will be an even faster blur.



My favorite lecture thus far though has been on the mechanisms of pain. It’s still an area that is not well-understood, but has recently been an emerging field of knowledge. It’s probably the only area I’m considering doing any research in, once that time comes and I am more confident in my foundational understanding of the nervous system.

My first priority besides school has been sleep…because that is the only away I’m surviving (that and a coffee consumption that is probably slowly killing my adrenal glands). My bedtime goal is now 9:45 #whatsmyageagain. I think the last time my betime was earlier than 10:00 I was 9. Now it’s not a “do I have to?”, it’s a “do I get to?”.



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