Then there was TPTA, Taping, Pilates, Gait, then Interviews, and a lot of Other Stuff in Between

The length of the title should reflect at how consistent I’ve been at writing on here lately. I guess that by the time I actually have some time to write, I’d rather get the extra sleep.

Just reading the title helps bring it home how much information we’ve covered in the last few weeks, especially because there’s a lot more that isn’t listed.

On Halloween weekend a good handful of us made a trip north up I-35 to DFW for the annual Texas Physical Therapy Association conference. Shout out to my class for a solid showing. We all chose our own lectures to attend. I attended one on treating the non-elite runner, as well as two other orthopedic sessions. I’ve been training for a half marathon this semester that I’m running with another classmate, so I found the one for the non-elite running super interesting. Not every single word was something I was familiar with, but even with having just the foundation from the last two semesters I was able to keep up with what the speakers were teaching us.

In the last week alone we have covered athletic taping techniques, gait analysis, and had a lesson on pilates as a form of therapeutic exercise, for which we had actual pilates instructors from Austin come and teach the lesson. Each exercise concluded with a resounding groan from the class. Personally, I felt put to shame #ithoughtihadastrongcore

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

I actually really enjoyed the lab for athletic taping. The same thing happens when I sit down to do a compression wrap. It’s really easy for me to tunnel my brain to the task, and I kinda like that I zone out…once I figure out what I’m doing.  It helps when one of our ortho professors, and a fellow classmate #praisebentley have backgrounds in athletic training. I got pretty into it actually, and even got a high-five for my first low-dye taping attempt (right) for plantar fascia issues #likegettingyourartonthefridge. My closed basket weave…took a little longer.


What might have been everyone’s highlight lab of the week was gait analysis. The classroom transformed into a catwalk runway, and we had about eight or so brave souls, including a professor, strut the floor, not without their own individual tune.  So then, what did we do as PT students? Basically told them everything that was “wrong” with the way they walked #nothingpersonalright?


Then there was this little event called Interviews. It was basically our one-year anniversary of surviving being in the hot seat. It was a little weird – in a good way – being on the other side this year, and it was fun getting to talk with so many prospective students! I also don’t think I realized how nervous I looked last year.

We’ve been given a lot of information, and if I didn’t have to go write my last article critique I’d think on it a little longer. We still have a loooong way to go, but it’s kinda cool watching ourselves get closer and closer to that professional status. It’s been rough, but we can see the horizon as this semester is nearing the end, and I know everyone is very ready for the Thanksgiving break.


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