2 Down, 7 to Go!

I’d have posted sooner, but this is the first time I’ve even thought about opening my laptop since finals ended.

2 semesters in the books! To sum up the semester that just happened, I feel like I punched a punching bag, I wasn’t ready for the recoil that knocked me off my feet, and I somehow managed to get back up and win (not without some tears and bruises and such…we’ll call it holiday decor). Needless to say, and I can probably speak for my classmates, I’m.so.glad. that.semester.is.over. By this point I’m sure we’ve all done our fair share of celebration in some form or fashion.

I’ve had so much down time that I added all the slides that we’ve been lectured on (sans the class that no one paid attention in) since the first day of PT school , and after 2 semesters, we are at a grand total of 5,717 slides (give or take if I accidentally missed a power point). Almost 20% of those were just from one class; see if you can guess which class that was, Class of 2019. If you average the 5,717, then multiply it by 6 (our last 3 semesters are strictly clinicals), then theoretically that number will surpass 17,000 by the time we start our rotations (they wonder why we don’t actually finish the additional readings…). With that in mind, once again, my classmates are fighters, and we’re going to keep fighting even if the excess caffeine kills our suprarenal glands.


For now, I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday, catches up on some sleep and TV watching, and eats lots of Christmas cookies. Safe travels, and Merry Christmas everyone! and happy Hanukkah Ari 😉


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