Then There Was a Conference and Midterms

We are 1.5 months away from officially being SPT II’s. This is the last stretch of year one, the final sprint, the push to the finish, then we can breathe. After two weeks of exams and practicals, which followed a weekend in San Antonio for APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), spring break could  not be more welcomed.

As graduate students in a doctoral program, we don’t have much to our names except the growing pile of loans. Long-distance travel is not a luxury most of us can afford (thank you for flying me to KC, Mom). That being said, when we found out that APTA’s national conference was going to be held in San Antonio this year, we put it on our schedules and got on the discounted student price stat.

It was really a great experience. Thousands of PT’s from across the country, and an army of PT students made the trek to south Texas. What an opportunity for everyone to explore subjects that have already enticed our minds, meet professionals and make connections, and of course come away with a TON of free swag. For me the best part was really having the freedom to go to whatever section you wanted. Two out of the three days I went I made a last second switch to ditch a session I was signed up for and go to something else. I ended up loving all of my sessions. My long discussions included aberrant motions of the rotational athlete, management of the concussed athlete, and interventions to affect the neuroplasticity of the brain. I also ended up going to a few shorter presentations from PhD candidates and other PT students (#goals).


FullSizeRender 22Of course there was no time for rest after it was over. The following week was all about getting ready for mid-terms, one of which was our very first ortho practical. Nerves were definitely there, but everyone rocked it. I also thought it was a good occasion for my climbing competition braid #gameon.

Again, we are very happy for the break. I have to applaud our professors for continuing to work with our exhausted brains for the remainder of the week after our last test. I have a sinking feeling the second spring break is over, all systems for warp speed will be a go whether we want them to or not…but for now, I’m going to sleep a lot over the next few days, and have a few drinks. Cheers to almost being done!!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve part of the best cohort to ever exist.

FullSizeRender 24



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