Then We Became 2’s!

First off, I just have to say that my class is awesome. Just…awesome. I still cannot believe how cohesive this group of 42 people is, and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it. We all fought and finished a year-long battle, and now we can officially call ourselves SPT 2’s! You all are seriously some of the strongest people I know, and I look forward to what next year has in store for us as we continue our journey.


Next, class of 2018, I know you’re on break but that y’all have your comp exam coming up. Try not to stress because each of of you is going to do so awesome! You’re all wicked smart and are going to crush it.

Third, congrats and best of luck to the DPT class of 2017! You’re all graduated with doctorates!!! I hope you can realize how hard each of you have worked to get where you are. I know all of you are going to do amazing things out in the real world. In lieu of one more hurdle, here’s to each of you guys *raises glass*, because y’all are going to crush your boards!

The last year for me…was personally the hardest year of my life. I was pushed harder mentally, physically, and emotionally than ever before. To say that I didn’t question my abilities from time to time would be a lie. To say that I was fully prepared for this one year ago…yeah that would deserve a laugh in the face…but whether I was or wasn’t, I had to find a way to be.

Here’s a piece of truth: there were weeks that school punched me so hard, I wasn’t sure how to stand back up. The only thing I could think to tell myself was, “okay, yeah that kinda really sucked, but whatever you do, don’t stop moving; don’t stop trying; keep going.” From all that, I can say this: it’s worth it.

Here’s some more truth: I didn’t make it through first year by myself. I was having help from the day I moved into my apartment in San Marcos until my very last final. Whether it was hauling boxes up the stairs, quizzing before a test, or just a text message say “you got this,” I had help the whole way through. For any upcoming DPT students, I implore you to keep your best friends and family in close reach. Those weeks where the blows knocked me off my feet, the best thing I could have was just one of my best friends pick up the phone when I called and offer some words of encouragement. Additionally, realize that your classmates will become so much more than your classmates. Your family is about to grow by 40+ members, they all have something great to offer, and will be some of the best support during your time in the classroom because they understand, like no one else will, that first year is rough.

One final piece of truth: yes, the first year of PT school is rough, but also memorable for so many other reasons. Just looking back, I’m so thrilled to be where I am. We learned an expansive foundation for treating the spine; we were introduced to some of the most up and coming orthopedic treatment approaches and research; we saw muscles in the flesh (with so much more to go), and got to hold a human brain and spinal cord. We met a truly amazing three-time war veteran and two-time heart attack survivor, a man who is also a fierce advocate of physical therapists and our role in a patient’s life. We had an awesome opportunity to attend CSM right in our own back yard, ate more brownies due to cell phones going off than we can count (I still owe a debt), and we tied for FIRST at PTO (heck yeah!). For all the times we moaned and groaned, we smiled and laughed (maybe a little bit out of delirium), and took some time for play and sport.


It actually took a few days for the fact to sink in that year 1 is now a thing in the past. The whole thing is a marathon, but the last 800 meters is an all out sprint. We were moving so fast and hard, that the momentum of the last few weeks sort of puts my braiFullSizeRender 25n into overdrive for a bit, and it takes a little while to slow down and get back to normal. Thankfully now, the cortisol levels are back to resting levels, I’m sleeping 9-10 hours a night…and I’m really, really glad to not be seeing the time 5:30 on my phone twice a day for a while. I hope everyone has a great break! Safe travels, and enjoy some well-earned rest, sunshine and many, many margaritas 🙂



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